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How trust makes great medical devices

Great products meet the user’s expectations and their circumstances.  Every designer can tell you how understanding user needs requires lots of direct observations and interviews.  DtM has learned that the most valuable feedback requires something more than the standard research toolkit.  This short video explains why we go back to some of our favorite hospitals overseas again and again.  

With bonus footage from Otter testing in Vietnam!

Finding Baby Khang

On a field research trip in 2012, we met a very sick newborn whose severe jaundice couldn’t be treated with conventional phototherapy.  After two days of treatment with Firefly, baby Khang was out of danger and on his way to perfect health.  His exhausted but happy parents invited us to follow them home from the hospital.  

We just returned to the same village in Vietnam, going door-to-door through the narrow alleys in the hopes of finding the family.  Meeting baby Khang as a four-year-old was a powerful reminder of why DtM exists.

ADE team in Vietnam

A team of students from Olin and Babson College brought the Otter Warmer prototype back to Vietnam this month for additional user-testing and a detailed manufacturing review.  They returned with even more confidence about key design decisions, and ideas on how to significantly reduce the product cost.
DtM really wants to know: how many Vietnamese iced coffees did it take before they experienced arrhythmia, and is there such thing as too much pho?