MIT 2.009 Presents 'Sunflower'

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Students in MIT’s 2.009 capstone engineering course gave a final presentation of ‘Sunflower’, a prototype warming device for premature newborns. The prototype is a response to DtM’s Otter Project challenge to keep premature newborns warm during treatment with Firefly phototherapy. 

Firefly is currently used to treat otherwise healthy jaundiced newborns. DtM has launched Project Otter to find a way to treat even the tiniest newborns who require more than a blanket or a warm room to fight infection and grow. 

Check out the Sunflower website that students created as part of the semester-long project.

We’d like to thank the following members of the Yellow Team for their fantastic work developing the Sunflower prototype.

We’d like to thank the following members of the Yellow Team for their fantastic work developing the Sunflower prototype:  Abdullah Akbar, Andrew Acker, Valerie Andersen, Eduardo Bacardi, Saeed Fakeiha, Jacob Haip, Catherine Fox, David Gilchrist, Gholson Glass, Jade Hardacker, Yasmin Inman, Matt Kim, Teresa Lin, Cliodhna McCarthy, Rachel McDermott, Sarah McMillian, Lorcan Murphy, Ben Niewood, Jake Slonaker, Joanna So, Isaac Sosa, K.K. Wopat, Brandon Wright, Kristin Zimmerman.

We would also like to thank Prof. David Wallace at MIT for hosting the DtM project, and for the whole crew of 2.009 instructors, TAs and project mentors for making Sunflower a huge success!