Olin ADE spring 2017 team & thank you students


We want to say a quick thank you to our fantastic spring semester student team from Olin’s Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) course! The team was part of Olin Professor Benjamin Linder's course, and led by Firefly's superstar product manager and Adjunct Faculty at Olin College of Engineering's Affordable Design & Entrepreneurship Program, Elizabeth Johansen. The team included students from Olin and Babson College:

  • Kelly Brennan, Olin College, Class of '17, Bioengineering
  • Pinar Demetci, Olin College, Class of '17, Bioengineering
  • Liani Lye, Olin College, Class of '17, Robotics
  • Celine Ta, Olin College Class of '17, Engineering: Product Design & Development
  • Zach Hayes-Handy, Babson College, Class of '18, 
  • Christina Holman, Wellesley, Class of '17, ECE, Economics
  • Maire Patricia Keene, Olin College, Class of '17, Mechanical Engineering
  • Waree Rungsiriwat, Babson College
  • Sara Wu, Babson, Class of '18, Finance & Technology 

This semester’s design challenge focused on refining Otter’s function and interface to be compliant with IEC standards for conductive warmers. The students made important progress on Otter’s heating uniformity and business strategy.  The team concluded the semester by conducting user tests with hospital staff in Vietnam.