DtM CEO Presents at TEDxBoston, Broadcast Live on WBUR

DtM CEO Timothy Prestero gave a talk titled "From One to Many: How can a few people on a shoestring budget save half a million lives?"  Lots of founders can tell you the story of their first big success, the story of going from "zero to one."  Prestero instead focuses on finding that next Great Big Challenge, explaining how even a small design firm with limited resources, focusing on relatively simple technologies, can prevent an enormous amount of human suffering. 

The talk was broadcast live on WBUR, October 2. For photos and video from the event, click here.  Learn more about the Firefly design through Tim's previous TEDxBoston talk, "Design for people, not awards" which has received over 900,000 views.

About TEDx Boston

What happens when a group of people rally around a radical idea and set in motion unlimited possibilities for a brighter future? A Revolution.

More than two centuries ago, ordinary citizens in Boston dreamed of a democracy and launched a revolution that changed the course of human history in extraordinary ways.  That innovative spirit still thrives today in our forward thinkers and accomplished doers.  At TEDxBoston, we celebrate their ideas and their passion for improving the way citizens of the world learn, live, give, work, and play.

TEDxBoston is one of the first-ever TEDx events. TEDxBoston is curated by a team of volunteers in partnership with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology and Collective Next. The event catalyzes innovation by sharing ideas worth spreading with citizens around the world. 

Tim’s talk at TEDx Boston is part of our series sharing lessons learned from the design and launch of Firefly phototherapy. This series is made possible with support from The Lemelson Foundation in celebration of 20 years of improving lives through invention.