DtM Firefly on CCTV America’s Full Frame

"Two of our guests this week are determined to achieve one of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals: reducing child mortality. Tim Prestero, founder and CEO of Design that Matters, and Dr. Kate Rogers of UNICEF, are representative of the cooperation between private sector and governmental organizations in addressing issues like preterm birth.

While the solutions themselves are sometimes quite simple, implementing them in developing countries is not as straightforward. That’s what Prestero discovered with his invention, NeoNurture, an incubator that was named one of Time magazine’s top inventions of 2010, but was ultimately not distributed.

But that failure taught Prestero that the objective should be to create a device that is hard to use incorrectly, a maxim he kept in mind as they developed Firefly, a newborn phototherapy device used to treat jaundice in developing countries."

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