NotImpossibleNow Features DtM Project Portfolio in Four Part Series

“First, Design that Matters improved adult literacy with the Kinkajou Projector, then they learned some difficult but valuable lessons through the design of the NeoNurture incubator. They applied those lessons and developed the Firefly, a phototherapy device, which has been used to successfully treat thousands of newborns with jaundice in developing countries. Rather than being a 'one-hit wonder,' the team is well on the way to solving other problems and saving even more lives.”

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Pelican: Design that Matters Tackles Newborn Pneumonia for Latest Project

Firefly: The Bright Blue Light That Is Helping to Save Babies

NeoNurture: The Acclaimed Incubator That Hospitals Never Used, and What Designers Learned

Kinkajou: How One Company Transformed a Toy Into an Educational Tool