Pelican Pulse Oximeter

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Pneumonia is the leading infectious cause of newborn mortality.  Although a pulse oximeter combined with a respiratory rate counter would be the most effective tool for pneumonia diagnosis, there does not yet exist a device that is suitable for use with newborns in poor, hard-to-reach communities and by low-skilled care providers--the first line in pneumonia diagnosis and treatment. 


Pelican features a washable, reusable sensor that reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the more common single-use $10 disposable sensor. Pelican avoids common points of mechanical failure, for example by eliminating cables. Pelican’s intuitive design and improved user interface will allow low-skilled or illiterate users to quickly and accurately collect blood oxygen measurements and respiratory rates, and will support better health outcomes by providing treatment recommendations


DtM and partners will develop the current “looks like” design concept into an integrated prototype.  DtM will test engineering performance and community healthcare workers (CHWs). We will leverage our networks to form manufacturing and dissemination partnerships to scale Pelican to high burden pneumonia countries such as India and Uganda.  

Our Progress

DtM has developed a dozen product forum concepts, which we brought to Haiti for initial field testing. Based on user feedback, we have designed two new prototypes that illustrate the user interface and form factor for taking newborn measurements.


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We extend a big thank you to our donors, partners, and collaborators

Student Volunteers 

MIT-RISD Product Design and Development Team
Aditya Ranjan
Esther Mangan
Keiichi Onishi
Kevin Wiesner
Leah Chung
Phillip Daniel
Sara Stulac
Shubhang Tandon
Victoria Young
Wei Wu



MIT-RISD Product Design and Development Team
Prof. Steve Eppinger
Prof. Matt Kressy
Prof. Warren Seering
Sarah Cooper-Davis
Lauren Eppinger



Technical Advisors
Gregory Dajer, MTTS
Matthew Blyde, MTTS
Michael O'Brien, MTTS
Luciano Moccia, Thrive Networks
Leith Greenslade, MDGHA
Amy Ginsburg, PATH



Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
Dr. Steven Ringer
Kevin Gaines, CRT-NPS
David Beadles, CRT-NPS
Nancy Brazeau, RN
Jennifer Flockiger, RN
Janet Frank, RN
Gaby Harrison, RN
Paula Lambert, RN
Lodie Podoloff, RN



Boucan-Carre Hospital, Haiti
Dr. Jean Louis Judson




MGH Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Kristian Olson
Dr. Ryan Carroll



St Boniface Hospital, Haiti
Dr. Inobert Pierre
Dr. Miliane Clermont
Conor Shapiro
Robbie Patterson
Sayari Patel



Mirebalais University Hospital, Haiti
Dr. Jack Long
Dr. Delight Wing
Marc Julmisse, RN
Naomi Marcelin, RN
Nicole Mathurin, RN
Vanessa Jean-Bart



L'Hopital Sainte-Therese de Hinche, Haiti
Dr. Anna Stanzelova
Bien-Aime Iphonise, RN
Monica Terez, RN
Lelia Dorcin, RN




Design Visionaries                 
Autodesk Foundation


Leadership Circle         
Suzanne and Michael Graves                    
Salama bint Hamdan al Nahyan Foundation
The Jeannie Tseng and Colin Rust Charitable Fund


Design Society         
Ansara Family Fund
Dassault Systemes and SOLIDWORKS
Jonathan and Melinda Moulton
Lauren Stewart and Benjamin Vigoda
Emily V. Wade


Boston Design Solutions                    
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation                    
Garon Family Fund
Jon Goldberg and Lisa Levy
Gould Family Foundation
Margaret Holen and David Coulson
Roman and Karen Lubynsky
Jack Oldham and Virginia Mulkern
Dr. Steven and Eleanor Ringer
Benjamin Spiess
Supporting Strategies
Dr. Ralph and Christina Sweetland
Philippe and Kate Villers
Minhua Zhang and Beidi Gu
Samantha and Adam Zirkin


Jim Ahern        
Ibrahim Al-Qamari            
William Aldrich            
Heather Arnold            
Alyssa Bamer            
Toby Bright            
Kate Brouwer
Elizabeth Bruce and Tim Prestero            
Reed Bundy                
Anne Burt        
Maureen Buttenheim           
Laurie Cameron            
Neil Cantor            
Ryan Carroll                    
Aimee Crane    
John and Elaine Daszkiewicz
Bre DiGiammarino
Karen Dorton
Donna and Allan Douglas
Leslie Du            
Deb Duncanson            
Danielle Duplin            
Matt Eckelman                
Lubna Elia            
Akwarandu Emere
Constance Emmett and Suzy Groden       Steve Eppinger
Miranda Fan
Andreas Fleig
Heather Fleming
Ben Folger                    
Amy Forman
Sanjli Gidwaney
Jeff Gonder
Jessica Griffin
Smitha Gudapakkam
Adi Guzdar                    
Jamie Hadden
Murray Height
Paul Hudnut
Elizabeth Jack
Mihira Jayasekera
Anne Johansen
Chris Johansen
Elizabeth Johansen 

Julianna Karr and William Harris                
Christine Kashian
Theresa Kavanaugh
Elizabeth Kelly
Jon Kennedy    
Katharina de Klerk and Kelly Murphy           Janet Komatsu
Hobson Lane
Nabil Laoudji
Geoff Mamlet
John Meany
Timothy Morgan
Sami Nerenberg
Ojonimi Ocholi
Glenn Orlic                  
Jen Overton
Anne Plimpton
Karen Poggi
Maureen Poggi
Rebecca Pontes
Mark Prestero
Sheryl Prestero
Ruthanne Price
Hugh Pyle
Mekhala Raghavan                            
Geoff Richcreek
Ayo Roberts
Stephen Rodriguez
Dennis and Karyn Sasso
Liz Scranton            
Shamsieh Shanti            
Jordan Silver            
Julie Simon            
Edward Smith            
Sarah Snaden            
David Solomon    
Margaret and William Soper                    
Christine Southworth
Mark Stewart
Forrest Sutton
Chris Tolles                    
Galia Traub
Erika Wagner
Dustin Weir
Steven Wentzell
Jocelyn Wyatt 


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