Echo Remote Monitoring

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The World Health Organization reports that up to 80% of donated medical equipment in the developing world is never even turned on. Unused and broken medical equipment amounts to $250M a year in unacceptable waste and a barrier to improved health outcomes. 


Echo is an open-source IoT (Internet of Things) solution for medical devices. Echo’s objective is to prolong the lifespan of medical devices so that we can save more lives, make our products more cost-effective for users, and protect the environment. Other pioneering applications of IoT in developing countries include the Charity: Water pump and NexLeaf’s ColdTrace. 


DtM and partners will 1) develop a sensor and wireless communication module, 2) create cloud-based tools to collect data in real time, and 3) conduct a randomized control trial to assess the effectiveness in improving medical device “uptime”.  With the help of DtM’s distribution partners and Firefly users at rural clinical facilities, we will measure the impact of Echo on product adoption and the total number of infants treated.

Our Progress

This spring, an MIT Health Science and Technologies (HST) team developed an Echo hardware concept, and the Harvard CS179 team created a website concept for Echo.



We extend a big thank you to our donors, partners, and collaborators


Healthcare’s Grand H@ckfest Team

Bryan Ranger
Emmanuel Mensah
Galia Traub
Hari Iyer
James Fox
Karthik Mukund
Katerina Mantzavinou
Katie Woodward
Paul Franzosa

MIT HST Course 936
Chris Lai
Noriko Endo

Harvard Course CS179
Melissa Chan
Karen Kennedy
Ibrahim Muhammad



MIT HST Course 936
Dr. Leo Anthony Celi
Dr. Kenneth Paik

Harvard Course CS179
Prof. Krzysztof Gajos
Winston Boucher
Ryley Reynolds

Technical Advisors
Gregory Dajer, MTTS
Matthew Blyde, MTTS
John Anner, Thrive Networks
Luciano Moccia, Thrive Networks
Amber Gaumnitz, Partners in Health
Dr. Kristian Olson, CAMTech
Elizabeth Bailey CAMTech
Smitha Gudapakkam, CAMTech
Andrea Ippolito, MIT Hacking Medicine
Elliot Cohen, MIT Hacking Medicine
Lina Colucci, MIT Hacking Medicine
Allison Yost, MIT Hacking Medicine
Adrienne Cochrane, Hack/Reduce
Dr. Ryan Carroll, MGH Pediatrics
Alex Resnick, Sprout & Co.
Bakhtiar Mikhak, Media Modifications
Jeanne Zucker, Athenahealth
Lindsay Olin, Athenahealth


Design Visionaries                 
Autodesk Foundation

Leadership Circle         
Suzanne and Michael Graves    
Lemelson Foundation                 
Salama bint Hamdan al Nahyan Foundation
The Jeannie Tseng and Colin Rust Charitable Fund


Design Society         
Jonathan and Melinda Moulton
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Emily V. Wade

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