What We're Reading

A selection of favorites from around the web.

  • Last November, Donald Norman set out to explain “How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name”. Never mind the Apple-bashing: we love Figure 1, which charts the evolution of Apple’s design principles over time.  How do your products measure up against Apple's 1995 Human Interface Design principles? [Fast Company]
  • Similar to DtM’s own “infect and replicate” approach to scaling context-appropriate design in resource-poor settings, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has its own plan for “making good ideas go viral” in education. Carina Wong outlines how effective “viral spread” of best practices harnesses the power of three social forces: influencers, narratives, and networks. [Stanford Social Innovation Review]
  • Very smart article from Reboot explaining their policy on field photography.  We apply similar guidelines about getting verbal consent and respecting an individual’s right to privacy.  To further humanize the people we work with, we ask permission to identify photo subjects by name in our photo captions (to counter the countless images of anonymous “people who need help” smiling from the covers of NGO annual reports). [Reboot]