Hack Your Studio: Build a Z-Rack Whiteboard

Every design studio goes through mountains of post-it notes while brainstorming and charting ideas.  We love the portability of flip-chart posters, but even after moving to a big studio in Salem we never had enough wall space.  

Then we found Make Space by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft at the Stanford’s d-school.  Their design for a DIY whiteboard made from a garment z-rack was perfect: the wheels meant we could park them anywhere in the studio, and the bases nest together to reduce clutter.  Building them ourselves saved money, which is great because we’re a cheapskate nonprofit and we wanted ten of them.

We made a short video to show you how we modified the Stanford z-rack whiteboard design, and to share some of the accessories we designed to make the z-racks even more useful.  You can also find our HOWTO guide on Instructables.  We’ve shared the z-rack parts as Autodesk Inventor and STL parts on Thingiverse so you can modify and print them yourself.