Meet DtM’s New Team Members, Mengyuan He and Malory Johnson

DtM is excited to announce two new team members!

Mengyuan He, Design Fellow, joins DtM from Google. Mengyuan's passion is to combine business, design and technology to improve the world. Mengyuan has five years of experience in product marketing and has worked for companies like Apple and Google. Most recently Mengyuan helped launch and grow Google Fiber, the first gigabit Internet service in U.S.

Mengyuan is particularly passionate about design for social change and helped found the Inaugural Social Entrepreneurship Conference at Harvard University. Mengyuan studied Economics and Visual Environmental Science at Harvard, and is planning to pursue a Master of Industrial and Product Design at the Rhode Island School of Design next spring.

On her decision to join the DtM team, Mengyuan says, “I have been interested in design for social impact for a long time. I read a story about Firefly in a RISD magazine and was really inspired and touched. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work here.”

Malory Johnson is DtM’s new Communication Design Intern. Malory is a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in design research, product development and graphic communication. Previously, Malory has worked for clients like Airstream, AmericanHort and Procter & Gamble.

Malory graduated in 2015 from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in Industrial design. There she worked in the Tad Jeffery FabLab for 2 years pushing the limits of the latest rapid prototyping machinery. Malory earned the IDSA Student Merit award for her class and two collaborative Spark Design Awards. 

In her search for social impact design firms, Malory says DtM stood out to her. “I was impressed with Design that Matters for being so down-to-earth. I’m thrilled that I get to contribute to their process and learn about social impact design from some of the best people in the industry,” she says.