Pop the Champagne! Firefly Has Treated Over 1,000 Newborns!

We are excited to announce that Firefly has treated over 1,000 newborns in Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia! While 1,000 newborns treated is an amazing milestone, we are even more excited that the 72 devices currently distributed will treat over 35,000 newborns during their lifetime. 

Firefly’s unique double sided design allows it to reduce treatment times by almost 50%, but more importantly, allows for effective treatment of severe jaundice allowing infants around the world to avoid dangerous exchange transfusions, which require all of the blood in the newborn to be replaced. We have already seen Firefly’s impact as it has entered areas rife with severe jaundice, like Myanmar. We can't wait to tell the story of the next 1,000 or 10,000 babies treated as we plow ahead in helping to address jaundice worldwide.

Design that Matters would like to express our sincere thanks to our Firefly project partners the East Meets West Foundation and Vietnamese manufacturer Medical Technology Transfer and Services. Their partnership made Firefly possible.

Additional thanks to Firefly’s lead donors: The Lemelson Foundation, The van Otterloo Family, Bohemian Foundation, an anonymous donor, ANT Italy - Friends of Trento Neonatology, The Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy, and Martin and Debbie Hale.