Design that Matters extends a huge thank you to our donors, partners, and collaborators, without whom our work could not have been a success.


DtM Founding Donors

The Van Otterloo Family
The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
The Lynch Foundation
The Ashoka Foundation
The Lemelson Foundation
Peter de Roetth
The Bridgeway Fund
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.

Firefly Donors

The Lemelson Foundation
The Van Otterloo Family
Bohemian Foundation
An Anonymous Donor
ANT Italy – Friends of Trento Neonatology
The Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy
Martin and Debbie Hale


Firefly Partners

East Meets West Foundation
John Anner (United States)
Gaston Arnolda (Australia)
Anne de Bres (India)
Paolo Bridi (ANT Italy)
Carlo Celoan (ANT Italy)
Dan Fitzpatrick (The Philippines, Ghana)
Danica Kumara (Myanmar)
Eric Hemel (United States)
Gil Kemp (United States)
Bill Lee (United States)
Tom Low (United States)
Nguyen Thi Xuan Hoi (Vietnam)
Nguyen Nhung (Vietnam)
Katherine Maningas (Vietnam)
Luciano Moccia (East Timor)
Federica Passamani (Italy)
Dr. Tran Dinh Chien (Vietnam)
Tran T. Khanh Trang (Vietnam)
Vu Thuy Bac (Vietnam)


Medical Technology Transfer and Services
Matthew Blyde
Bui Van Ha
Gregory Dajer
Ryan Frisbie
Leon Hiemstra
Hoang Minh Duc
John Kís
Luu Thi Duom
Kelley Maynard
Nguyen Quang Hung
Michael O’Brien
Pham Thach Ngoc
Pham Van Tuong
Tran Sy Huan
Tran The Quynh
Trang Hoang Long
Trang Tuyet Nga
Van thi Thu Hau
Vu Thi Thoi

Firefly International Collaborators

DtM extends a special thanks to the teams of doctors, nurses, technicians, parents, and newborns in Vietnam who made the Firefly clinical evaluation possible.

National OBGYN Hospital
Dr. Nguyen Thanh Ha
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Loi

Moc Chau District Hospital
Dr. Khuat Thanh Binh
Head Nurse Dang Van Tai

St. Paul General Hospital
Dr. Pham Do Ngoc Diep
Dr. Thai Bang Giang
Nurse Practitioner Dan Thuy Quynh

Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children
Dr. Tran Hoang
Head Nurse Hoang Thi Thanh Tam





With special mention to these families:
- The Nguyen family at Hai Duong Pediatric Hospital for allowing Nguyen Van Hoang to be the first newborn treated briefly by the Firefly alpha concept.
- The Nguyen family at National OBGYN Hospital for allowing Nguyen Huong Giang to be the first newborn treated by Firefly.
- The Le family at National OBGYN Hospital for allowing their newborn, Le Bao Chan, to benefit from the first full Firefly treatment.
- The Le family at Moc Chau District Hospital, for allowing their newborn, Le Minh Anh, to be the first infant treated by Firefly in a district hospital.
- The Dong Anh family at St. Paul General Hospital, for graciously hosting us at their home after their severely jaundiced newborn, Dong Anh Ngoc successfully avoided an exchange blood transfusion through treatment with Firefly.
- The Foronda family at Philippines General Hospital for being the first to treat their newborn, Marlaine Foronda, with Firefly in mom’s bed.
- The To family at Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children for being the first to treat their newborn, To Trai, in mom’s bed in Vietnam.

...and more than 200 doctors, nurses, administrators, technicians, parents, and newborns who took their time to try Firefly and give us critical feedback during our visits across South and Southeast Asia.

East Meets West Foundation (host)
Bac Ninh Provincial Hospital
Bac Giang Provincial Hospital
Dai Tu District Hospital
Ha Nam District Hospital
Hai Chau District Hospital
Hai Duong Provincial Hospital
Mai Chau District Hospital
Nam Dinh Provincial Hospital
National Hospital of Pediatrics
Ninh Giang District Hospital
Phu Binh Health Center
Thai Nguyen Provincial Hospital

The Philippines
East Meets West Foundation (host)
Philippines General Hospital
Dr. Jose Fabella National Hospital

Cambodian Health Committee (host)
Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital
Tonle Bati Health Clinic
Centre Kram Ngoy


Medicine Mondiale (host)
Kanti Children’s Hospital, Kathmandu
T.U. Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu
Helping Hands Clinic, Chahabil
Patan Hospital, Newborn Unit
Paropakar Maternity Hospital, Thapathali
Scheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa
Dhulikel Hospital, Dhulikel, Kavre District
Sindupalchowk District Hospital, Chautara

Smiling Sun Franchise Program, Dhaka (host)
Smiling Sun Franchise Program Clinic, Tangi

International Organization for Migration (host)
Rumah Sakit Referral Hospital Meulaboh
Meurebo Puskesmas Health Clinic
Meurebo Private Clinic

Chengelpattu Medical College, Neonatal Unit

Firefly U.S. Collaborators

Key Advisors
Caitrin Abshere - Innosight
Karen Copenhaver - Choate, Hall & Stewart
Dave Duncanson - Product Design
Danielle D. Duplin - DtM Board Member
Michael Foster - DtM Board Member
Pete Flowers - Actinica
Bob Hartmann - IDEO
Dr. Priscilla Joe - Oakland Children’s Hospital
Jonathan Moulton - DtM Board Member
Ron Newton - Global Healing
Chris Noble - DtM Board Member
Dr. Kristian Olson - MGH Center for Global Health
Dr. Steven Ringer - Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Ben Spiess - Stoel Rives
Tom Weis - Industrial Design
Lee Zamir - Bose Corporation

Engineering Design
Larry Cochran - Boston Design Solutions
Mike Damiano - Boston Design Solutions
Dave Duncanson - Product Design
John Dunn - Excellus Engineering
John Ellis - Optics for Hire
Joe Galibois - Boston Design Solutions
Oakley Thomas - Mechanical Engineering
Anatoli Trafimuk - Optics for Hire

MIT/Rhode Island School of Design Student Team
Product Design and Development

Steve Eppinger, Instructor
Matthew Kressy, Instructor
Warren Seering, Instructor
David Bentham, Advisor, Philips Design
Liron Azrielant
Adah Chan
Emily Edwards
Andre Jacobus Hamman
William Harris
Nabil Laoudji
Alicia Lew
Sivesh Selvakumar
Karan Singh


Babson College Student Team
Product Design and Development

Sebastian Fixson, Instructor
Rahul Bhansali
Prakash Bhatia
Lara Clemenzi
Shilpi Gupta
Molly McDonald



Additional Firefly U.S. Collaborators

Dr. Mandy Belfort - Children’s Hospital Boston
Aya Caldwell - MGH Center for Global Health
Tim Carroll - Solid Concepts
Kimi Ceridon - Kalepa Tech
Seth Coe-Sullivan - QD Vision
Nathan Cooke - MIT D-Lab
Daniel Courcy - Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Michael Denninger - Philips Color Kinetics
Otto DeRuntz - Mechanical Engineering
Paul Dome - Small Army
Alexei Erchak - Luminus Devices
Dr. Thomas Eusterbrock - Children’s Hospital
Corinne Fandel - Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Stephen Fantone - Optikos
Peter Fichter - Program Management
Sanjli Gidwaney - Design for Change USA
Dr. Terri Gorman - Children’s Hospital Boston
Darren He - Veisem
Mark Jeunnette - MIT
Jeewon Jung - IDEO

Christine Kerrigan - Alioop
Matt Kihm - Rhode Island School of Design
Steve Kolander - Small Army
Sloan Kulper -  One Earth Designs
Phil Levine - Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Luke Lfland - Global Healing
Scott Mackie - IDEO
Stephen McGee - Videography
Tim McNerney - Rethink Robotics
Raj Melville - Deshpande Foundation
Andrew Mocny - Rhode Island School of Design
Rakesh Pandey - Social Enterprise Consulting
Mihir Ravel - Olin College
J. Ravi - Semlux Technologies
John Rearick - Choate, Hall & Stewart
Gerd Schmieta - shmietaplus
John Thiell - Solid Concepts
Henk Vreman - Stanford University
Julian Wong - Industrial Design